Guerrero Governor Héctor Astudillo tests positive for Covid-19

Through his social networks, Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores confirmed that it is positive for Covid-19

Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores maintained working tours in various municipalities during the last month or so.

The first test on Astudillo was carried out a couple of days after the completion of the National Banking Convention, an event that the President of the Republic Andrés Manuel López Obrador attended too, however, on March 31, governor Astudillo spread a message on Twitter stating that “fortunately, the test came up NEGATIVE “

However, the governor said that after experiencing some symptoms of the coronavirus recently, doctors decided to perform a new test, and this time it indicated that governor Astudillo was positive for COVID-19. His condition is not serious, and he will remain in quarantine, following the health protocols, and under medical supervision.

Guerrero is at a red light and until Monday afternoon, according to the figures issued by the federal secretary of health, the state registers 2,561 infections and 390 deaths.