For no apparent reason, Mérida teenager attacks his parents with a knife

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (June 15, 2020).- A 13-year-old stabbed his parents when they were asleep, in his own house located in the Terranova Chuburná neighborhood, in Mérida.

The events occurred on Sunday, June 14th, when the teenager F.C.T. approached his parents’ bed early in the morning and started to stab them.

The father woke up immediately from the pain and realized that the person who was attacking them was his own son, whom he managed to control.

After the events, the frightened man notified the emergency services.

When the State Police paramedics arrived, they helped the parents; both had injuries in different parts of their body and had to be taken to a private hospital for medical attention.

The teenager remained under the custody of the Police.

When interrogated, he said that he did not know why he attacked his mother and father.

In the house, there were two other minors, the young man’s brothers, who were left in charge of relatives while their parents were attended at the hospital.

It was found that the young man does not have any disorder and has always been quiet and calm, so the parents do not know what motivated him to attack them in such a vicious way.