“Excuse me, neighbor, can you get your crocodile off my doorstep please?”

OXKUTZCAB, YUCATAN.- Residents of the San Esteban neighborhood heard a rumor that said “Coco” had escaped from his pond.

“Coco” is one of the three crocodiles owned by a neighbor nicknamed “La Huacha” who lives on the property located on Calle 68 between 47 and 45 in the San Esteban neighborhood.

Apparently, the lady has “pet” crocodiles and she keeps them in a pond.

So, the intensive rains that hit the peninsula last week overflowed the pond where the animals live, and suddenly there are, not one, but two adult crocodiles roaming the streets of Oxkutzcab.

Interesting enough is the fact that everyone in town knew about the “pet” crocodiles except the Civil Protection Directorate and the Municipal Public Security Directorate.

In an interview with the mayor of Oxkutzcab, Raúl Romero Chel, he stated that he knows about the case and that he will inform Profepa, and indicated that it is great irresponsibility to have a pet of that nature.

The fear of the neighbors is that in several parts of the San Esteban neighborhood the floods reached up to one meter in height, making this a comfort zone for the crocodile.

On social networks, users reported that there were two crocs on the loose that night, and one of them was captured by the owners, and taken back to its pond.