El Puma, co-founder of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, is arrested in San Luis Potosí

Noé Israel “N”, alias “El Puma”

HILO DIRECTO (June 25, 2020).- The Mexican army, in collaboration with the SEIDO and the National Guard, arrested Noé Israel aka “El Puma” in San Luis Potosí. “El Puma” is one of the founders of the infamous Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, which has wreaked havoc in Guanajuato in recent years.

Noé Israel Lara Bleman is considered one of the main criminals behind the widespread violence registered in Guanajuato, along with José Antonio Yépez “El Marro,” the main leader of the cartel. Reports suggest “El Puma” was close to El Marro” but after a falling-out, Israel created his own criminal organization and started a turf war against his former boss but failed.

Federal sources indicate that “El Puma” had recently joined the CJNG in a bid to debilitate and kill “El Marro.” He was working for the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel in Querétaro and Guanajuato.

Authorities had previously issued an arrest warrant against the criminal for his involvement in organized crime and fuel theft.

“El Puma” remains under arrest.

The rise of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel

The Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel was created in 2014 and their main criminal activity was fuel theft.

According to federal authorities, the criminal organization gained notoriety when “El Marro” became the cartel boss. In 2017, it started a war against the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel to control fuel theft, drug sales, kidnapping, and extortion in the area.

The cartel was named after the Santa Rosa de Lima community where its leaders hail from.