Crocodile captured in Tetiz feasting on “patio” chickens

Photo: Yucatan al instante

Tetiz, Yucatan (June 29, 2020).- A crocodile of the Moreletti species was helping himself with a few hens, when it was found by Mrs. Micaela Chim, inside her own patio, in the community of Nohuayún, last weekend.

Doña Mica heard a noise and thought the hens were counting their offspring, but then she looked and saw that a reptile was creeping around the chicken coop.

Tetiz is located 55 kilometers (34 miles) West of Mérida (INEGI)

The crocodile seemed to be quite hungry, as apparently he became disoriented due to the tropical storm Cristóbal, and drifted across the flooded areas because the wetlands are located about 30 kilometers away from this community.

Photo: Yucatan al instante

In the end, Doña Mica called her sons, who tied up the animal and handed it over to municipal police officers, who proceeded to release the animal in its natural habitat, the wetlands on the road to Celestún.