Cristóbal causes severe damage in Ciudad Caucel houses

Solares Caucel (Photo: YAM)

Ciudad Caucel, Yucatan (June 8, 2020).- About 30 houses of the “Solares Caucel” subdivision suffered severe damage from the heavy rains generated by tropical storm “Cristóbal”.

The covering of the walls and ceilings fell off completely in some homes of the Solares Caucel, a project developed by the “Corcosum, Corporación Constructora del Sureste Mexicano S.A. de C.V. ” construction company.

Ciudad Caucel is just 16 kilometers (10 miles) west of downtown Mérida. It is considered part of the state capital so-called “Metropolitan Area” (INEGI)

The residents of the aforementioned sub-division were lucky enough not to get injured because all the covering of their roofs collapsed due to the heavy rains, as well as the material of the walls. Some of these houses practically fell down to pieces, and the water entered the premises as it was a waterfall, according to testimonies.

The houses were less than one year old, as they were delivered to their owners on August 7, 2019, so residents are demanding the construction company to repair the damage as part of the guarantee.

Ceiling of a home in Solares Caucel (Photo: YAM)

A dozen residents demonstrated and demanded that the damage be repaired, as they are still paying for the properties.