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Change of bus stops as of Monday in Merida

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MERIDA Yucatan (Times Media Mexico) – To take care of the health of the population with the beginning of wave 1 of the economic reactivation and according to the official dispositions, the State Government and the City Council of Merida will reinforce the joint security and surveillance operation to maintain low mobility and to avoid massive concentrations.

Starting this Monday, the Municipal Police will establish a road perimeter in the Historical Center of Merida as part of the health protocol stipulated in the municipality’s economic recovery plan, which will strengthen the social distancing measures to avoid chains of contagion of Covid-19.

This perimeter road will cover the street 59 with 60, 55 with 58, 58 with 57, 54 between 57 and 55, 57 between 50 and 52, 61 between 50 and 52, 65 between 50 and 52, 56 with 71, 60 with 71, 64 with 69, 66 with 67 and 66 with 63.

To this end, the Municipal Police operation will be reinforced with units and elements circulating throughout the Historical Center to avoid mass concentrations.

On the other hand, the municipal corporation will maintain the closure of the streets around the Plaza Grande to also allow adequate distance between pedestrians passing through the place.

These actions are taken since new commercial turns represent an increase in the flow of people and vehicles.

Besides, to reinforce these actions, the municipal units will make constant rounds to safeguard the welfare of citizens and monitor compliance with prevention provisions both in urban transport stops and in shops and banks.

This operation is added to the normal surveillance activities carried out in the Historical Center’s four cardinal points, where security is reinforced because of a large number of shops that remained closed.

Change of bus stops
As part of the coordinated actions between the State Government and the City Council of Merida, some bus stop routes will be relocated, so adequate conditions can be provided to follow the health and prevention measures to avoid contagion.

The routes in the western area that will be moved are the following: 65 Centenario-Avenida and 65 Centenario-Zacatal will be moved to calle 69 x 58 and 60; 66 Amapola and Cementerio-Sambulá route 1 and 2 will be relocated to calle 67 con 64 y 66; Lindavista route 1 and 2 will be moved to calle 65 x 60 and 62; 69 Opichén, 69 Poniente Madero and 69 Poniente Xoclán will now be at 67th Street with 66 and 68; 79 Aviacion will move to 69th Street with 62 and 64; 59-K Bojórquez and 59-K Bojórquez-Abastos will relocate to 63rd Street x 64 and 66; and Caucel-Coba y-Cd. Caucel Route 8, Ciudad Caucel Route 10 and R-8 North-Caucel will be located at 62 x 69 and 69A.

Those heading north will remain so: Tapetes -Montes de Amé and Mérida-Cholul-Tixcuytún and vice versa will be moved to Calle 61 x 52 and 54; Itzimná R1 will be in Calle 54 x 56 and 58; 82 García Ginerés will be in Calle 63 x 56 and 58; Villas Hacienda R1-Itzimná-Montejo-Super Bodega- Campestre and Cumbres, as well as 52 Norte-Montes de Amé will be relocated to Calle 59 x 54 and 56; Mérida-Chablekal and Fracc. Las Americas will change to 57 x 56 and 58 streets; Chuburna 20 street and Normal Tapetes will be in 59 x 60 and 62 streets; and Chuburna C.20 Fco. de Montejo Route 1 will move to 58 x 55 and 57 streets.

Likewise, Chuburná c.20 Inn-Xcumpich will be relocated to 58 x 57A and 57 streets; Komchén will move to 59 x 58 and 60 streets; Xcanatún and Mérida-Temozón-Chablekal will be at 58 and 57A and 57; Normal-Tapetes-comisaría Sodzil and Tapetes-Monte de Amé will move to 59 x 28 and 60 streets; Xcumpich-C-60 Fco. de Montejo Ruta 2-Dzitya will move to Calle 58 z 57 and 57A; Itzimná-San Antonio Cinta will move to Calle 54 x 59 and 61; and finally, Dzitya-Mérida and vice versa and Komchén-Mérida and vice versa will move to Calle 57 with 54 and 56.

The stops in the southern area that will change are: 42 Cruz Roja-Salvador Alvarado Sur, 42 Casa García, 42 colonia centro and Paseos de Itzincab-Itzincab will move to calle 69 with 56 and 58; 42 sur, Ciudad Industrial-Paseos de Itzincab-Cd. Industrial-San Marcos-Roble and El Roble Agrícola-San Marcos Nocoh-Centro and vice-versa will be on 69th Street with 52 and 54; 42 south María Luisa; and both routes of Paseos de Itzincab-Itzincab will move to 69th Street x 56 and 58; 50 red and blue prison, 50 south Periférico; Nueva San José lll will be relocated to 73th Street x 54 and 56; 50 blue and red Serapio Rendón will move to 65th Street x 56 and 58.

50 south will move to 65 x 56 and 58 street; 58 Emiliano Zapata south, San Roque blue and red and 58 Emiliano Zapata south will be in 58 x 71 and 73 street; 60 south blue and red and 64 Castilla Cámara will be relocated to 62 x 69 and 71 street; Salvador Alvarado-Cecilio Chi -Leona Vicario will move to 63 x 54 and 56; Salvador Alvarado-Granja Real will move to 56 with 63 and 65; Umán will move to 69 with 60 and 62 and another to 71 x 56 and 58; Umán-Tanil. Ticimul-Mérida will move to Calle 58 with 71 and 73; and Periférico Umán will be at Calle 69 x 58 and 60.

The routes in the eastern area will be as follows: 65 Gálvez Peripheral, Vergel I, Gálvez-Villas Oriente Azul and 65 Gálvez Peripheral will be at Calle 63 x 52 and 54; C.T.M Héctor Victoria, San Haroldo and R2 Santa Isabel-Cerritos will be at Calle 71 x 52 and 54; Alemán Pinos-Campestre, Brisas-Central Station-Prepa 1, T1, ex Rocket, Av. 39-Provi-Procon-Emiliano Zapata Ote. and Alemán Pinos-Tulias will go to Calle 61 x 50 and 52; Hacienda Teya to 62x 69 and 69 A; 63 peripheral and San Pedro Noh Pat-Encinos R2 to 54 with 61 and 63; Gálvez-Villas Oriente red and San Pedro Noh Pat-Kanasín R1 to 67 x 50 and 52.

Also, Brisas I-Mejorada-T1-Vadilloy Fidel Velazquez to 56 with 63 and 66; 63 Periférico-Melchor Ocampo-San Camilo to 54 street with 621 and 63; Croc, Xelpac-Cuauhtémoc Route 1 to 71 street with 56 and 58; and Kanasín-Naranjos Route 1 and San Pedro Noh Pat-Kanasín Route 1 will go to 63 x 52 and 54.

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