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Blue Crab invade Cancun

by Yucatan Times
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A significant number of blue crabs have appeared in various parts of Cancun after the passage of the tropical storm “Cristóbal” several days ago.

After heavy rains flooded their burrows, these animals were forced to go out to look for a new home, thus surprising many inhabitants of the city, who upon seeing them seek to protect them until they can be located in areas where they are not at risk.

“Cristóbal” not only affected the residents of Cancun but also these colorful crustaceans, who lost their home unexpectedly and now must face all the risks which entail the interaction with humans.

Officially, the blue crab season in Cancun starts on August and ends up in September, dates when they can be seen crossing the city avenues, but this time, due to the unexpected torrential rains caused by “Cristóbal”, several of the main city streets, such as Bonampak, have been invaded by hundreds of crabs near Tecmilenio, as these animals seek for a safe place.

As a result of the above, the Benito Juárez City Council called on drivers and the general population to be careful with this animal species, and recommends slowing down to their units when traveling through Plaza Las Américas and on Kukulcán Boulevard between kilometer zero and kilometer two of Playa las Perlas.

In Cancun the blue crab has its home in the Nichupté Lagoon, if you have visited the city you will surely locate it because it is on the southern end of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, near Club Med.

The blue crab is a decapod crustacean that has five pairs of legs. Its body is covered in a dark green exoskeleton. In males, the legs have a bluish-gray color, and this characteristic is what has given them the common name of blue crab.

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