Bird trafficker arrested in Tizimin is released immediately without any sanction

TIZIMIN, YUCATAN (June 16, 2020).- The operation for the arrest of a bird trafficker in Tizimín took longer than the time the subject spent in prison. In fact, when he came out, he even warned other individuals dedicated to the same illegal activity to watch out.

Through a WhatsApp audio message, the man alerted other traffickers and “trappers” to release their wild birds, because “they could get arrested.”

Marcos P.T., 56, was arrested on Monday, June 8, as a result of a citizen complaint. He had 17 wild birds in his backyard in the Los Reyes de Tizimín subdivision: eight Dominicans, seven Butterfly birds, a green parrot, and a chinchinbacal.

The individual could not prove the possession permits or the legal origin of these birds, which were confiscated and placed under the protection of the environmental authority.

According to the report, Marcos P.T. is engaged in the sale of baby parrots that he steals from nests. As well as other birds that are protected or endangered species.

The bird smuggler was taken to the Valladolid headquarters of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), where he was released a few hours later, on Tuesday, June 9.

Believe it or not, the Mexican law does not consider trafficking with protected and endangered birds as a serious crime.

A soon as he was released, Marcos P.T. shared a message on a WhatsApp group of animal traffickers, that he had already been released from prison and was well at home.

In the audio, the man warned his colleagues that authorities are seriously fighting bird trafficking, and recommended them to get rid of their wild birds.

According to sources close to the case, the fight against bird trafficking is being achieved thanks to citizen complaints, because the federal and the Public Ministry are practically doing nothing to stop these traffickers.