Bici-Ruta, Noche Blanca and other public events have been canceled in Mérida

The Merida City Council chose to cancel an important number of public programs such as: La Noche Blanca, Remembranzas, Yucatan Serenade, Night of Cultures, Mexican Night, Mérida on Sunday, Regional Vaquería, Cultural events in downtown neighborhoods and all over Mérida, courses in cultural centers, exhibitions, the Bike route, Meridiana baseball league, Meridiana 2nd force league, summer programs, Mérida en Acción, municipal sports initiation, Municipal Baseball Academy, “Alejandro Preve” tournament, and the annual Chess tournaments.

Also the Box Tournament, Children’s Fitness Championship and Municipal Swimming Cup.

The main objective: To avoid mass concentrations
“International, national and state protocols for controlling the Covid-19 pandemic include avoiding massive concentrations. Therefore, the Mérida City Council decided to suspend all massive events of any kind, “said the mayor.

He specified that these suspensions were determined in accordance with the sanitary guidelines, and depending on the situation, the federal and state authorities will decide when the controlled opening processes could take place.

The sports, culture, economic development and tourism departments of the Municipality are looking for new formats that can help these sectors.

The mayor said that there is a reduction in current spending, gasoline, electricity, telephone, travel, consultancies, and other expenses for events, advertising, image, and social communication, with which 235.8 million pesos are saved

With these adjustments and redirections, measures have been taken during the contingency, such as the purchase of protection supplies for health personnel and the police.