As the “dry law” returns, Campechanos run to supply themselves

Supermarkets, liquor stores, and beer distribution agencies had a lot of movement this Wednesday. Campechanos made panic purchases before the announcement of the return of the dry law (ley seca), a measure with which the state government aims to reduce mobility and prevent the massive spread of COVID-19 coronavirus.

In establishments such as La Europea and some supermarkets, queues were formed from 8 AM, that is, two hours before opening.

By midday, some Heineken agencies and exclusive deposits, as well as Grupo Modelo, reported that their sales had increased up to 200 percent compared to the previous days when the sale had already restarted and at almost the same volume as before the pandemic.

The employee also indicated that the dry law will not alter in any way the mobility of people in the state, because “everyone has to work. If not, the family does not eat. ” In his opinion, there should be fines for those who are out on the street, circulating in their cars “doing nothing”.

While waiting to buy their endowment of beers, some citizens agreed that, with or without a dry law, the Campechanos will always find a way to get alcohol, since as soon as that measure is applied, clandestine vendors appear, some already known, others who took advantage of the moment and its economic solvency.

Others indicated that they would not be willing to pay any of these products at double their price, but they recognized that sometimes the temptation is greater and it is not due to an addiction, but to the habit of relaxing on weekends in the company of friends and family, with a bottle of liquor or a six-pack of beer.