AMLO says the drastic increase in deaths from COVID-19 was due to data adjustment

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, explained why the number of deaths from COVID-19 in Mexico increased dramatically on Wednesday, June 3. He assured that the drastic increase was due to an adjustment in the data of previous deaths that had not been confirmed until Wednesday.

The number of deaths from the pandemic on Wednesday generated concern in the country because it went from 500 deaths on Tuesday and increased to over 1,000 on Wednesday, June 3.

“Yesterday, according to the data, it was the day with the most deaths from the pandemic, I want to inform all the people of Mexico that this occurred because of an adjustment made in the number of deaths that had occurred previously and had not been registered or had not been confirmed, but it does not mean that 1,000 people have died in one day, I want to make that very clear,” the President said without clarifying what the real number of deaths were on Wednesday, June 3.

The Mexican president emphasized that sanitary measures must be continued, such as a healthy distance, to stay home and to go out only for what is essential.

Finally, Lopez Obrador called on the population not to live in fear.