AMLO inaugurates Maya Train section 3 works in Yucatan

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador gave the initial flag to the works corresponding to section three of the Maya Calkiní-Izamal Train.

In doing so, he asked the company that won the tender, the INDI group, to comply in time and in the budget, adding that he is confident that this will be done since that consortium participated in the construction of the second floors of the Peripheral during his administration as Head of Government of the Federal District.

From the Mérida-Campeche highway, AMLO recalled that an investment of 10 billion pesos is contemplated for this part of the project, which, he insisted, should not increase.

“There must be a responsible attitude, that they comply, and no corruption involved. There must be a transparent and honest relationship between the government and the companies,” AMLO said.

In this regard, Manuel Muñoz Cano, from the INDI group, indicated that section three contemplates 172 kilometers, which include more than 380 thousand sleepers, six elevated bridges, 43 vehicular crossings, and 32 pedestrian crossings, among other things, and assured that they will comply with the challenge.

Finally, AMLO declared that he will continue to open the different sections sections of the Maya Train, taking care of the people’s health, keeping a healthy distance at all times, and acting with discipline, in order to avoid a rebound.