2-meter-long crocodile captured in Tekax, Yucatán

Photo: Al Chile

Tekax, Yucatan.- After several days of intense search, finally, on Wednesday, June 17th, authorities managed to catch a crocodile that was wandering free around the plots of the Emiliano Zapata community in this city.

A few days ago, residents of the area reported the sighting of a huge reptile moving through the woods, near Colonia Emiliano Zapata, a site which at this time is still flooded by the recent rains brought by Tropical Storm Cristobal.

With the support of biologist Mateo Pérez Medrano, from the “San Bartolomé” Wildlife Conservation Center (CIVS), agents of the Coordinated Municipal Police managed to capture the croc, which is approximately 2 meters long.

After its capture, the crocodile was transferred to the CIVS of Tekax.