Overview of the Yucatan Peninsula Casino Market

Yucatan Peninsula is located in southeastern Mexico and is definitely a great destination that more visitors from around the world appreciate. While people flock to this magical place, there is one thing missing in the Yucatan Peninsula and this is a proper gambling scene. Since roulette and card games are still considered illegal, this is definitely not the best place in the Caribbean to indulge in gambling.

Despite the fact that Yucatan is not the best destination for avid casino enthusiasts, recreational players would still have a good time at local casinos. Thankfully, video poker and slot machines are legal on the territory which provides at least some form of gambling entertainment for casino fans.

Gambling in Mexico

While nowadays the gambling scene in Mexico is far from being properly regulated and thriving, this sector has always been a part of the culture in the country. In fact, in the 19th century in Mexico, one could find numerous casinos following the French model of gambling. It was the Mexican Revolution, however, which has put an end to the popularity of facilities.

During 1920, casinos started to regain their popularity and it was due to the increased number of US citizens which were crossing over Mexico and were on the lookout for a place to gamble legally. In 1947, there was an amendment to Article 73 of the Constitution which gave the federal legislature the authority to legislate games which were including crossed wagers and games which were played by drawing numbers or symbols. Thanks to these changes in the law, gambling quickly was proclaimed illegal and casinos in Mexico lost their popularity yet again. Despite the attempts of several states in the country to launch land-based casinos, the government quickly managed to deal with them and disregarded their efforts.

While the government was trying to ban casinos, hotels in Cancun found some legal loopholes which allowed them to offer some form of gambling entertainment. One way to avoid the ban was to organize casino nights where no actual money was exchanged. Another way that Mexican casinos managed to circumvent the law was by offering completely computerized gambling experience to its visitors.

Over the years, the gambling law in Mexico began to get less restrictive, taking into consideration the generous profit land-based casinos would accumulate. This is why, to this day, the gambling laws in Cancun are very vague and it is not advised to plan your trip solely for the casino scene in the Yucatan Peninsula. This being said, the number of casinos popping up in the territory increase which is a sure sign that gambling regulations in Mexico will continue allowing casinos to thrive even more.

Popular Places for Casino Entertainment in the Yucatan Peninsula

As it was mentioned earlier, the casino scene in the Yucatan Peninsula is slowly but steadily growing. This is why there are a handful of places where you can enjoy a top-class trip and revel in a recreational level of gambling, in the meantime. If you have decided to spend some quality time in the Yucatan Peninsula area and you also want to enjoy a great casino experience, you can head to one of the best Yucatan Peninsula casinos according to TripAdvisor.

Captain Morgan’s Retreat Casino

Inspired by major casino establishments in Las Vegas, Captain Morgan’s Retreat Casino will ensure a great time to its visitors. The gambling facilities offers 3 table games and numerous slot and video poker machines. This ensures that players will have a classy Vegas-like experience, while they are enjoying their stay at this wonderful Belize resort.

The casino also has a full bar and in addition to that, players can enjoy delicious food from the on-site Mama Caribe Restaurant. This is a perfect place where you can relax and still have some fun in Captain Morgan’s Retreat Casino.

Caliente Casino

Another great option, located in Cancun Beach Hotel Zone is Caliente Casino. It hosts over 200 slots and other gaming machines which will allow players to have the time of their lives. The decor of the casino gives off 70’s vibes and offers a wonderful experience to those who jump on the opportunity to bet. Caliente is a popular place for sports betting fans as it comprises around 70 percent of the sportsbook market in the Yucatan Peninsula. This makes the area a great destination for you, especially if you enjoy betting on your favorite sports.

While players will have the chance to dine in the on-site restaurant, they can also have a great experience if they head to Bahia. This place serves international cuisine which will please the palate of many different food lovers.

La Cima Casino and Sportsbook

If you have planned a trip to Merida, Mexico, then you can have a great time at La Cima Casino and Sportsbook. The facility offers a handful of classic and video slot machines which will be able to entertain different types of gambling fans. In addition to multifarious slot machines, players will also have the chance to enjoy their time by playing on various bingo machines.

If you are also a sports betting enthusiast, you will also be able to have a great time at the sportsbook section of La Cima. Whether you have a favorite team or player you wish to support or you want to bet on the latest horse races, you will be able to do it at this top-class gambling facility.

The Future of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Yucatan Peninsula

While the gambling laws in Mexico are still not in favor of casinos and sportsbooks, they have definitely become less restrictive than laws and regulations in different countries around the world. The reason for this is that casinos accumulate a large amount of profit which will definitely contribute to better results in the whole country’s revenue.

Many casinos managed to find loopholes in the gambling law which allowed them to operate and offer many visitors of the Yucatan Peninsula enjoy a fun casino experience. Taking this into account, many believe that the restrictions in Mexico will become even laxer in order to allow the gambling market in the country to grow bigger and attract even more local and international players.