Young man with COVID-19 symptoms in downtown is transferred to the hospital

MÉRIDA, Yucatán (May 26, 2020) .- A young man drew the attention of citizens who were walking this morning in downtown Mérida, as he was apparently showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Somebody called 911, police officers showed up, and ambulance was requested and the man was transferred to the Agustin O’Horan hospital emergency room.

The events occurred around 9:30 AM on Tuesday, May 26, at Calle 65 near the corner with Calle 62, just two blocks away from the Plaza Grande, in the historic center of Mérida.

According to witnesses, the young man in his 20s began to have difficulty breathing as well as a cough and fever, which is why they called 911.

Within minutes, staff from the Yucatan Health Secretary in their Covid suits came to the site to attend and transfer him to a hospital.