Yalitza Aparicio writes her first editorial for The New York Times

Mexican actress and activist Yalitza Aparicio announced she had written her first article for The New York Times, where she discusses racism, domestic worker’s rights, and the rights of indigenous people.
After her role in ROMA, Aparicio became an outspoken activist, UNESCO ambassador, and has collaborated with organizations like the United Nations.
In her article, Yalitza discusses the importance of representation, racism, and the importance of art, among other issues.

Unfortunately, ever since Yalitza rose to fame, she has been attacked for her indigenous roots and this time, it wasn’t the exception.
Some social media users praised her for the clarity with which she explains racism in Mexico and how important representation is for indigenous communities.
However, others attacked her, branded her a racist, and said she didn’t deserve to write for The New York Times.
Despite the negativity, Yalizta keeps working on initiatives that will have an impact on the lives of domestic workers and indigenous women.

Source: El Universal

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