With Plan DN-lll-E, the Mexican army finally controls Kekén fire

As published by the Yucatan Times on Sunday, May 3rd, the flames devoured much of the Kekén pork meat processing facility, located in the municipality of Tixpehual, Yucatán; and due to the intensity of the fire registered at this plant, members of the Mexican Army had to apply the DN-III-E Plan in its phase one, in order to control the fire.

Around 9:30 in the morning on Sunday, a strong fire was registered in the food processing plant located on federal highway No. 180 Mérida – Valladolid, after several hours the fire department of the Ministry of Public Security managed to put down part of the fire, however, the arrival of the military was necessary.

The support was provided through the X Military Region and the 32 Military Zone, so that personnel from the 11th Infantry Battalion and the 7th Combat Engineer Battalion, went into action at the site to help in the mitigation of the fire that covered approximately 6 hectares of the plant.

Military authorities in coordination with Civil Protection and Fire, carried out these activities in order to put out the fire, in the face of this terrible incident.

Fortunately, no one resulted injured.

The Yucatan Time