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Why military dog harnesses and vests are great things?

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In the streets, dogs dressed in stylish clothes are increasingly seen. Some owners go too far with buying design clothes for their pets. Pup dressing has a purpose during the winter. Small breeds do not have a well-developed system for regulating body temperature and adjusting to the cold. Everything else can be considered a caprice of the owner and a desire to attract attention.

But, when it comes to vests and harnesses, these are not typical fancy clothing. They can be classified as tactical gear that gives your dog a purpose. When you get a tactical dog harness or vest for your furry buddy, any joint activity will be more fun and safer.

Equip Your Pet for a Stay in Nature

Most people who prefer outdoor activities want their pets to enjoy the outdoors alike. If you plan to equip yourself for long walks or climbs, your faithful companions will need the equipment too. Tactical vests are a great thing for your dog, although they look rather cumbersome.

Wearing vests and harnesses is purposeful in many ways. First, it’s easier for owners to control the pup because of the handy leash clips. Also, when it is necessary to carry the dog over something (puddles, swamps, or inaccessible terrain), you just grab a handle on your pet’s back.

Extra Attachments for Extra Utility
This pet accessory was named ‘tactical’ because of various attachments on it. There are many reinforcements, clips, and stitching on the vest that you can hang many things on. You can put there, for example, a bottle of water, or a toy for your pet. For larger breeds, it is possible to equip them so that they can carry a sleeping bag, tent, or any of the bulkier equipment for outdoors.

Many tactical vests have side pockets. You can put there all kinds of little things, such as baits, hooks, and matches. Don’t think that this burden is an obstacle for your pet (of course, unless you exaggerate and put all kinds of stuff on your dog). Vests and harnesses are generally well-padded. It gives your pup plenty of comfort but also makes it easier to move when loaded.

Vests Make Service Dogs Look ‘Professional’
Service dogs are of great importance in the lives of blind, visually impaired, and deaf persons. People with these types of disabilities have the need to walk freely and to have as little dependence on others as possible. Besides, these animals by their sides are a great company. They can always pet their dogs, talk to them, and have a peace of mind with their well-trained pups.

On page below, you can find out some breeds that are the best choices for service dogs: https://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/10-best-service-dog-breeds-for-ptsd-531944/.

These dogs generally do not have to have any mark on them. Everyone will notice that the animal has a function when walking past a blind person. They should be allowed everywhere because these pets are highly skilled and trained in how to behave in the presence of other people. Yet, because of some other things, your furry helper should wear a vest.

Owners can clearly show that it is a service dog by putting a mark on the vest. Wearing this is a sign for people not to approach and pet these pups. Not because it is forbidden. These animals have to stay focused on their ‘work.’ And when their owners are disabled, the service dogs need the full concentration to perform their tasks the right way.

Harnesses for Comfortable Walks
Dogs enjoy walking. Yet, when something bothers them, walking around the block will turn into a real race. Your pup will be dragging all the way, yawn, or will sit down and not move at all. Often, the reason for this behavior is not the animal’s temper, but a necklace.

Some pooches hate wearing collars. Others are not well trained to walk side by side or in front of the owner. They usually pull the leash and tighten their necklace. Harnesses are a much more comfortable and practical solution as the pressure is not on the neck but on the animal’s chest. It’s much safer than a choke-chain.

There are many different types of harnesses on the market. They vary in style and functionality, so it can be hard for you to decide which one would be best for your four-legged friend. In small breeds, it is advisable to take a model with a clip on the back. It won’t tangle around the legs of your pet and will protect the sensitive area around the neck.

But these models are not recommended for large breeds because they provide little control. It can be especially problematic if your pup has behavior issues, pulls a leash, jumps, or is aggressive. The harness with the front clip is tied at the center of the animal’s chest. This way, your pet feels the pressure on chests when trying to pull, which is why he won’t do it. A peaceful and relaxed walk is guaranteed.

Wearing a vest or harnesses is typical for ’employed’ dogs, i.e., those who serve in the military, police, rescue services, etc. Also, animals trained to help disabled people should wear this equipment. But owners of pups who are ‘just’ pets can buy this outfit too. If you enjoy an active lifestyle and outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or hunting, you can include your four-legged friend in them.

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