Two persons die in Tekax, Yucatan due to health complications

Photo: YA

Tekax, Yucatan (May 11, 2020) .- A tragic Mother’s Day was recorded in Tekax, where two senior citizens lost their lives due to pulmonary health problems.

The first case corresponds to a 64-year-old man, identified as Sabino C.Y., who was at his home in the town of Xaya (Tekax municipality), when he presented breathing problems and pain in the chest.

Her daughter, named Arely C.Y., 20 years old, called 911 and an ambulance from the Red Cross came to the place that took her father to the Tekax general hospital, along with the young woman.

Unfortunately, the man died in the hospital and it was determined that the cause was secondary renal failure, due to kidney stones.

Tekax is located 126 kilometers (82 miles) south of Merida (INEGI)

The second case corresponds to a 74-year-old man, identified as Víctor E.C., who lost his life at his home located in the town of Chacmultún, municipality of Tekax.

The man was entering his home when he vanished. Authorities and paramedics arrived at the place minutes later, only to confirm the man’s death.

The cause of his death was determined to be metabolic acidosis, a complication of his diabetes, and he also suffered from hypertension.