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The world’s most renowned newspapers are lying: AMLO

by Yucatan Times
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AMLO accuses the international press of “lying” and “having no ethics” after a report on crematories working at full capacity during the pandemic.

MEXICO (Times Media Mexico) – Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador extended his attacks to the press. This time he went against some of the most prestigious international media. The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, and El País from Spain. AMLO accuses them of lying and having no ethics in their coverage regarding Mexico and how his government is handling the impact of COVID-19.

The Mexican president said that with the return of what he has called “the new normality,” which is the reopening after the confinement caused by the coronavirus, the press as a whole must reflect on their role.

López Obrador’s accusations are because these publications have questioned the official figures on the number of infections and deaths caused by the COVID-19. Nevertheless, these reports are not unprecedented. For some time now, these media have been covering other situations that have occurred in Mexico during past governments.

In his morning press conference on Friday, May 15, 2020, the president showed his discontent, especially with the reports that deal with the activity in crematoriums and pantheons because of the coronavirus emergency.


“Why make stories about pantheons? About crematories? Is not only in Mexico, but it is also global because there is a crisis as part of the decline, not only in the economy, there is a crisis in social welfare, of loss of values, there is a crisis in the lack of ethics in the management of information in Mexico and the world,” AMLO complained. 

Lopez Obrador called the information coming from these media as “alarmist reports” and indicated that he has a clear conscience. He also noted that next week would begin the descent of coronavirus infections and deaths in the Valley of Mexico. Maybe it would end the criticism generated to his government by the management of the pandemic but anticipated another. “Then the buzzard season will be over, but of course, another one will begin.”

He finished by saying it has been demonstrated he is an exemplary Mexican, that he knows how to act responsibly and that the people of Mexico are not susceptible to manipulation. (SIC). 

According to AMLO, everyone lyes, everyone has a hidden agenda… Except him.

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