The third consecutive day with more than 40 cases of Covid-19 in Yucatan

Federal and state authorities warn that “the blow will be tough and the worst is yet to come”.

MERIDA Yucatan (Secretaría de Salud de Yucatan) – The cases of Covid-19 registered yesterday in Yucatan their third consecutive day with more than 40 new infections and the other two deaths, with which the number of victims reached 10 in the last three days.


Image: Infonautas

In its daily report, the Ministry of Health of Yucatan said that yesterday there were 43 new cases so that the total is already 540 positive cases registered in the state, as well as 41 deaths since the crisis began.

The 43 new infections are in the following municipalities: 30 in Mérida, two in Maxcanú, one in Conkal, Dzidzantún, Hunucmá, Kanasín, Muna, Progreso, Sanahcat, Seyé, Tekantó, and Yaxkukul, and one from abroad. The deceased is a 64-year-old man, formerly a resident of Merida, and another 60-year-old man, originally from and resident of Xoy, part of Peto municipality.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as the governor of Yucatán have said publicly that the situation is growing exponentially and that the worst is yet to come. In both cases, they are asking people not to leave their homes.

Nationally, 1,349 cases were registered in Mexico in the last 24 hours, as well as 89 new deaths, according to Undersecretary Hugo López Gatell. That brings the total number of confirmed cases to 22,088, while the number of deaths is 2,061.

Image: Infonautas

In Mexico, the coronavirus shows no significant regression. It is believed that we are just entering the highest point of infection. In other countries such as the United States, despite a large number of deaths and diseases, people and some politicians are demanding the reopening of activities.

In Spain, which has managed to overcome the peak of contagion, thousands of people have taken to the streets. Some people are worried about a sudden escalation in infection again, while others are celebrating this renewed freedom since confinement has been going on for seven weeks now.