The dry law in Yucatan and its consequences.

Uncontrolled consumption of alcohol - alcoholizm disease

A 49 years old, passed away at the O’Horán hospital, because he drank antibacterial gel mixed with soda for 20 consecutive days.

MERIDA Yucatan (Times Media Mexico) – The municipal and state government’s decision to ban alcoholic beverages during the pandemic has caused at least 18 deaths, numerous arrests, intoxication, and a large number of complaints.

The before mentioned has made it clear that the Yucatan does not have the capacity, let alone the preparedness, to maintain a “dry law” for as long as it is intended to. It is not convenient, said yesterday deputies from the Citizen’s Movement (MC) and the PRI.

With the application of the “dry law,” clandestine sales, costs, robberies from beer agencies, and even the commercialization of adulterated alcohol have increased. “There are covert points of sale in Yucatan that do not control the raw materials used to make these alcoholic beverages. This problem has existed for several years and has caused the death of thousands of people,” said Silvia López Escoffié.

The congresswoman explained that until yesterday there were 18 deaths due to the consumption of tainted alcohol. The victims arrive at the hospitals in a critical state, with nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, blindness, and, in some cases, with convulsions that lead them to death.

In Yucatan, alcohol is a significant factor affecting the lives of many people.

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