The covid 19 curve does not yield in Yucatan

Yesterday, Yucatan registered 6 deaths and 41 new infections.

MERIDA Yucatán (Times Media Mexico) – Yesterday, Friday May 22nd, 2020, 41 new Coronavirus infections were detected:
20 in Mérida, 4 in Kanasín, 3 in Chemax, 2 in Acanceh, Hunucmá and Umán and 1 in Bokobá, Dzemul, Maxcanú, Oxkutzcab, Seyé, Tekom, Ticul and Tixméhuac.

There are now 1,378 positive cases in total, 12 of which are from another country or state. Six deaths were reported in the medical report:

A 53-year-old female native and resident of Acanceh.
A 53-year-old female from Progreso.
A 58-years-old female from Tetiz.
A 58-year-old male from Merida.
A 65-53-year-old male from Sahcabá, Hocabá.
A 78-year-old male from Acanceh.

A total of 139 people have died from the Coronavirus.

Of the 1,378 confirmed cases, 882 have already recovered, 231 are stable, isolated, and continuously monitored by SSY medical personnel; they present mild symptoms. One hundred twenty-six of the confirmed cases are hospitalized and in total isolation.

The age range of confirmed cases in the Yucatan is four months to ninety-four years.

The occupancy of hospital beds for patients with Covid-19 in Yucatan is 22%, while 26% of the beds in intensive care areas for these patients within the state health sector are currently in use.



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