Surveillance between Mexico and Belize is reinforced to avoid more infections

BELIZE (May 23, 2020).- Belizean authorities said that by crossing to Mexico, they are putting the nation at risk for coronavirus.

At the insistence of smuggling food, soft drinks and beers through the Río Hondo, the natural border between Mexico and Belize, authorities in the neighboring country have tightened surveillance.

Fearing that Covid-19 will enter Belize in greater numbers (only 18 cases and two deaths have been cofirmed in Belize so far), the Belize Police Commissioner, Chester William, visited several Belizean communities by the river, including San Víctor.

This town is reached through the Mexican community of Álvaro Obregón Viejo, crossing the river, and is one of the most used crossings for smuggling all kind of illegal products (including drugs).

According to the Caribbean nation’s media, Police Commissioner Chester William visited the smuggling access point, San Victor Village, in the Corozal district on May 22.

He spoke to the villagers to dissuade them from going to Mexico via the Hondo River. The main concern is that by crossing into Mexico, and then coming back, they are putting the nation at risk from Covid-19.

A few days ago, the villagers confronted customs officials who chased them while carrying a load of illegal products.

The person in charge of security in Belize reported that the police will now maintain a permanent presence in the area.

There are more than ten communities on the banks of the Río Hondo, which have neighboring villages on the Belizean side, all of these towns are easily reached through the Río Hondo.