State Government equips public hospitals with cutting-edge technology

The State Government continues to strengthen the medical infrastructure to offer better care to Yucatecans in the face of the Coronavirus contingency and proof of this are the 5 vital signs monitors that were delivered to the San Carlos de Tizimín Hospital.

The vital signs monitors delivered to the Tizimin hospital are part of the 69 that have been distributed to the different hospitals across the state, which were acquired as a preventive measure against the Coronavirus pandemic.

These instruments for the care of critically ill patients are complemented by the 5 respiratory assistance units, also known as respirators or ventilators, which this hospital previously received as part of the equipment delivered by the State Government to public hospitals in the Yucatan.

With these kits, doctors can detect the patient’s conditions more accurately by monitoring more precisely the measurements of levels, such as blood pressure, heart beat and the amount of oxygen in their body.

It should be noted that all the equipment that the State Government is acquiring is authorized by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), the body responsible for all actions in the field of sanitary regulation, control and promotion of products, establishments and industrial activities.