State Government denounces death of toucan before Profepa

Once again, people’s ignorance and lack of culture results in the tragic death of an innocent wild animal.

The death of “Tuqui”, a toucan that became a “celebrity” in the Francisco de Montejo neighborhood, caused wrath on social networks, where users demand to find the person responsible for this stupid and violent act against a defenseless and harmless bird, which happens to be a protected species.

The accusations reached Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, who reported through his Twitter account that a complaint was already filed by the State Government before Profepa.

“I present a formal complaint against those responsible for the commission of the crime against biodiversity, typified in article 420 section V of the Federal Penal Code,” the document says.

What would be the sanction for the person responsible?

In accordance with article 420 of the Federal Penal Code, a sentence of one to nine years in prison and the equivalent of three hundred to three thousand working days of fine will be imposed on anyone who unlawfully damages any protected specimen of wild, terrestrial or aquatic flora or fauna species.

“Tuqui” went viral on social networks, and the people in Francisco de Montejo was thrilled to have this bird regularly coming to the same tree, where residents used to feed him.

On Monday May 4th, the “Santa María Project” reported the death of the bird. The animal presented two bullet wounds with a pellets gun.

The person responsible for this crime needs to be severely punished to set an example, and once and for all, start creating awareness among the local population of the great importance that endangered species have for ecosystems in our planet.

The Yucatan Times