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Simple ways to keep your home smelling clean and fresh

by Yucatan Times

Maintaining your home smelling clean and healthy requires daily washing, grooming and a small dose of your favourite home perfume. Whatever the reason, it still goes a long way to preserving a fragrant home. It improves your overall mood and well-being, giving way to the confines of your personal space for greater efficiency and comfort.

Clean your garbage disposal

Feel an odour that lingers in your kitchen? If it does, search the sink. “To get rid of the smell in your garbage disposal, spritz a dollop of lemon-scented dish soap into the drain, run the water, and turn it on,” says Keita Turner, interior designer. Disposal may also run lemon or lime rinds, followed by plenty of water. If the smell continues, pour a 1/2 cup of baking soda while running warm water into the garbage disposal.

Deep clean your rugs, carpets and upholstery

Nick, who offers economics homework help with TAE says, To ensure that your home remains smelling clean, you need to start with your own home fittings. Your rugs, carpets, and sofas all need proper and thorough cleaning at least once a month to get rid of any musty smell that may permeate the living room — and eventually your entire home. This can be done by vacuuming the fixtures and a gentle cleaning solution for them. You can always get a part-time maid cleaning service to help you do the job if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

Use plants and foliage to keep your home naturally fresh

Lucky, an expert from whom students approach to pay for research paper says, Plants are such a fantastic way to keep your home fresh, as they provide oxygen for better respiration to the entire area. Not only that, but having plants at home can also reduce various odours, absorbing excess moisture and dust. When choosing which indoor plant or flower plant to decorate your home with, you should be careful though. Although some indoor plants appear to look beautiful, they can do the complete opposite to your health because they can cause allergic reactions and other health problems. Aromatic ones such as Eucalyptus, Jasminum Polyanthum, Cuban Oregano, and Meyer Lemon are a superb example of home- and health-friendly plants.

Food & Daily regimen

Your household diet and your regularly cooked food could be the source of odour in your home. It doesn’t mean you need to change your cooking habits, but you may need to have the routine of cleaning and airing your kitchen out. When cooking use the range hood vent to remove cooking odors from the air. Empty the trash immediately after it has disposed of food off and consider double bagging where necessary. Kelly who provides services like to do my assignment says, In your kitchen, have neutralisers to expel the odour while you create them. Turn on garbage disposal immediately after putting food in–and put a down drain on fresh lemons to keep them clean and odour free.

Poor air circulation and smoke

Both causes can be addressed by regularly opening windows to let fresh air move around your home. Change your air filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions on your heating / air conditioner unit. You can also buy scented inserts especially made to disperse the smell of your ventilated system throughout your home. Consider not smoking at home to expel the smell of smoke from your home. Smoke is settling into the finishes and can remain for years.

Clean Your Refrigerator

Will Smith working with PD providing research paper writing service says, Cleaning the fridge regularly is essential to ensure there are no food rots. If there’s anything funky in your kitchen, first check your fridge as it’s often the culprit. Rotten fruit and vegetables will permeate through closed doors, so they may stink your home even when your fridge is closed.

Use Shower Cleaner Daily

Getting used to using a daily cleaner for the shower can pleasantly boost your shower’s fragrance and life. Most sprays kill bacteria which build up in humid climates. Like mould, these organisms can be putrid and harmful. After each use, spray your shower with a daily cleaner to prevent the build-up.


The easiest (and cheapest) way to freshen up any space is to open the window, says Melissa Maker, author of “Clean My Space.” Let Mother Nature help with the remaining odours or lingering odours of cooking. To create cross-ventilation, open windows in opposite areas of the room or house, where possible. Even when it’s super cold outside during the winter, cracking a window for a brief span of time can make a vast difference.

Regularly Wash Towels

For preventing musty funk, towels are worth mentioning. Even if after use you hang your towels, it may lock moisture in the slightest crinkle. This will give rise to a musty scent which can appear in hours. Always hang towels properly to avoid this, and wash them regularly.

Use Fresh Plants

Fresh plants can boost the overall livability of a home, boasting more benefits than just smelling clean. Judy, senior manager at TrumpLearning which provides the best devops certification says, The scents can range from deep and herbal to citrus bursts, depending on what flowers you choose. Place plants close to an open window so that their perfume can travel all over your house.

Make Pet Perfume

DIY pet perfume is a significant way to keep your best furry friend fresh and smell free. You can create water-diluted solutions using essential oils which are pleasant and can even relax your pet as pointed out by one user on his PaperDoers Review. Common fragrances for this perfume include lavender, chamomile and peppermint. Just be sure to follow a recipe to avoid exposing your pet to too much essential oil that could be dangerous. You’ll feel better at home and notice that guests will also enjoy it. You can find just another reason to stay at home and enjoy it again once your home is more inviting to everyone!.

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