SECTUR prepares protocols to reopen tourist destinations in Mexico

The Secretariat of Tourism (Sectur) is preparing a protocol to reopen the tourism industry, which will be announced next week; and contemplates the activation of the destinations in a staggered manner and with specific sanitary guidelines to avoid a new outbreak of Coronavirus.

Miguel Torruco Marqués said that the plan will also include the reactivation of the airline industry, as well as some hotel segments, which have been severely affected by the pandemic.

In addition, the protocol will establish which municipalities may resume activities for travelers, mainly nationals. In a video conference, the official explained that it will also include how tourist destinations should restart operations, as well as the health and hygiene rules to follow.

However, Torruco Marqués clarified that the health guidelines for the reopening of tourism companies, “will be worked with the participation of state governments and private sector organizations linked to tourism activity. This, in order to propose them to the Ministry of Health for approval and authorization. “

On the other hand, the official showed the members of the National Council of Exporters of Tourist Services (Conexstur) and mayors of Magical Towns throughout the country, the digital promotion strategy designed by Sectur and the VisitMexico digital platform, to reverse the crisis caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

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