Raging bull brakes into property in Mérida

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (May 24, 2020).- A resident of Chablekal (Mérida municipality), was scared to death this Sunday afternoon, when a fighting bull (the type used for bullfights) broke into her property causing material damages.

The owner of the house immediately called the emergency number 9-1-1 and SSP police officers arrived at the scene minutes later.

Moments later, the owner of the bull, Orlando R.E., 46, appeared at the scene, who, along with two other men and the help of the police, took charge of the situation and managed to take the bull back to its corral.

The events occurred at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon in a property located on Calle 17-A, of the aforementioned community of Chablekal, where Rosa EPC, 45, owner of the house, reported that she was relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, when suddenly the bull broke into her property scaring her and causing damage.

The woman got to safety while the bull lunged at her flower pots, destroying things hee and there.

Annoyed and scared, she called the emergency services and SSP agents arrived on site, they were already preparing to capture the bull when the owner arrived, who said that he would take over.

Accompanied by two other men, he lassoed the bull and took it away.

Moments later, the Chablekal municipal commissioner also showed up, urging the owner to take responsibility for the damages caused by the animal.

The owner of the house and the owner of the bull reached an agreement, and everything turned out to be OK in the end. Most importantly, nobody got hurt or injured.