Poachers in the south of Merida have illegally killed 60 deer in the last month

This specimen is clearly either a female or a young animal, which in any case makes its hunting illegal (Photo: Yucatan Ahora)

In the last month, at least 60 deer have been illegally hunted in southern Merida, and local authorities are not detaining absolutely nobody.

Inhabitants of the Petac hacienda, located south of Mérida, denounced the illegal hunting of deer by some local residents, who in the last month have killed 60 specimens.

The news portal “Yucatan Ahora”, reported that it received photos of the dead deer, whose meat was being sold by the local hunters themselves (which is totally illegal).

People in Southern Merida ready to go out hunting (Photo: La Verdad)

The complainants mentioned that every day there are people who go to the bush to hunt deer and even accused the community “Comisariado Ejidal” of allowing illegal hunting, and also practice it.

They explained that last week several people, including teenagers, went hunting deer, and killed 12. The say that in the month of April, people in the south of Merida killed approximately 60 of these animals.

The Yucatan Times