“Perrito” found inside a bag in Temax, Yucatán

TEMAX, YUCATÁN (May 13, 2020).- Another case of animal cruelty was registered in Yucatan, this time in the municipality of Temax, where a dog was placed in a bag that was tied up and abandoned in the middle of nowhere in the outskirts of town.

Fortunately, good people passing by noticed the moving bag and got out of their vehicle to free the poor animal.

The video was shared on social networks by Diana Loo, who wrote the following text:

“As we ere leaving the town of Temax we realized that there was a bag that was moving, my husband pulled over and yes, the bag was indeed moving… Who could be so evil? This incident made me very sad. ”

Apparently, the dog had been abandoned not too long ago, since it did not present injuries or any other type of violent mistreatment.

As usual in this type of cases, the author of such an inhuman and cowardly act is unknown.