People in Timucuy Yucatan stone an owl, because they believe it brings death

Photo: Proyecto Santa María

Attacks against birds due to ignorance and stupidity continue in Yucatan.

The environmental group Proyecto Santa María reported the atack on this defenseless and harmless animal. This is of course a consequence of superstition and dumb beliefs in relation with this species.

In Yucatan, the ignorance drives people to stone an owl, because they believe “it brings death” (Photo: Proyecto Santa María)

On his Facebook page, Proyecto Santa María specified that on Tuesday May 12th, they received a report of the assault of a bell owl (Tyto alba) at the Subincancab hacienda, in the municipality of Timucuy, Yucatan.

The bird was attacked with stones the night before, and on the next day, a group of inhabitants poured “holy water” in the spot where the bird fell, to “protect” themselves and their community from evil spirits.

Besides superstition, fear and uncertainty caused by the health emergency lockdown could’ve intensified this type of behavior, which beyond evil, reflects ignorance and lack of culture, as well as stupid beliefs that have been dragged down for generations.

Fortunately, younger people from the same community, with more brains and a culture in favor of the conservation of nature and its species, rescued the bird and asked for help from Proyecto Santa María, which was given prior notice to the environmental authorities for being a wildlife specimen.