“Number of patients in intensive care beds will peak this week” (López Gatell)

Hugo Lopez-Gatell

Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of the Ministry of Health, the man that has been in charge of all the communication aparatus, representing the federal government headed by president Andrés Manuel during this times of pandemic, stated that the number of infections will peak this week, then the “curve” will start flatten, and will descend.

“The number of coronavirus patients in intensive care beds in Mexico City hospitals will peak next week”, Health Undersecretary Hugo López-Gatell said on Sunday May 3rd.

Speaking at the Health Ministry’s nightly coronavirus press briefing, López-Gatell said that about 1,800 Covid-19 patients are expected to be in the capital’s intensive care wards between May 11 and 15.

The prediction is based on the estimate that the transmission of the virus will reach its peak in Mexico City between Wednesday and Friday of this week, he said.

With that scenario looming, the Mexico City government has put up signs in 89 different locations warning residents that these are areas of high risk of infection because large numbers of people pass through them.

The Yucatan Times