Naked man walks along the streets of Mérida (VIDEO)

Through social networks, a Facebook user denounced a man that was strolling naked on the city streets.

The video was posted by Esteban V. T. on his personal Facebook account, through a video where the subject can be seen totally naked, and walking calmly through the streets of Mérida.

The naked man was seen heading west on Calle 21, between the Lindavista and Chenkú neighborhoods and apparently was masturbating while walking.

In the footage it can be observed that the naked man seemed to stalk the houses while walking.

Esteban assured that he called 911 immediately, but unfortunately, the police arrived after 15 minutes and they could no longer find the subject.

The footage was recorded on Calle 21, (between 40 and 42), in Mérida’s Lindavista neighborhood.

The Yucatan Times