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Mexico dangerously on the edge: The ghost of communism.

by Yucatan Times
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The leader of the Morena party wants to carry out a census of the “rich” to find out who “concentrates” the wealth and “equalize” everyone socially. Ramirez Cuellar proposes to empower the Inegi to access the patrimonial and real estate information of all Mexicans

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – No one in Mexico had forgotten when in 2019, Luciano Concheiro Bórquez, the undersecretary of higher education at the Ministry of Public Education, said: “To transform Mexico, it is necessary to be a communist. Especially when it comes to López Obrador’s Fourth Transformation against “predatory capitalism.” (SIC)

Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, national leader of Morena, has released an analysis prepared by his party, MORENA, to make constitutional changes. “The magnitude of the economic and health emergency demands it. The starting point and the outcome of the new rules of social coexistence are, without a doubt, the issue of welfare.” Said the MORENA politician.

“The Welfare State, as a concept and purpose, must be explicitly stated in our Magna Carta, pointing out the universal protection systems derived from the constitutional mandate,” he stated. “These are the new systems that transcend partial programs and synthesize and ensure inescapable rights for all Mexicans. It is a matter of agreeing on the new state’s construction that will emerge from the crisis we are suffering. It seeks to give national certainty of what will be the new normality”.

“The Federal Executive, the Congress of the Union or the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation must integrate. All the state and municipal governments, the organisms of workers and businessmen, the political parties and the institutions of higher education in this great dialogue,” Ramírez Cuellar pointed out.

As a second point, Ramirez proposes giving the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) the constitutional power to measure the concentration of wealth in our country. Morena party leaders wants to carry out a census of the “rich” to find out who “concentrates” the wealth and “equalize” everyone socially. Ramirez Cuellar proposes to empower the Inegi to access the patrimonial and real estate information of all Mexicans

As a third point, Ramírez Cuéllar noted the “fiscal progressiveness.” “All Mexicans should contribute to the expenses of the state and the financing of the Welfare State.” He said. “Fiscal progressivity will have to be applied to property, wealth, income, CO2 emissions, and damage to health”. 

“Historical experience shows us with a stubborn conviction that the Welfare State can only be effective and become a reality when those who have more pay more,” he added. He then proposed the constitution of a Fiscal Council: “an organism with autonomy and professionalism and dependent on the Congress of the Union that measures and permanently evaluates the quality of the income and expenses of the Mexican State. The country requires an agency that has the responsibility to show every year if contributions and expenditures are benefiting the most vulnerable sectors of the population. The organism will have an obligation to report whether the quality of public spending is contributing to reducing inequality between regions and whether it is being used to generate wealth and national prosperity.” Ramirez Cuéllar stated.

Finally, he called for greater strength and powers for the Federal Commission for Economic Competition (Cofece). “The concentration and power that companies have in a large number of markets that produce and distribute the goods and services that are basic to the population have become one of the most important sources of social and economic inequality between regions and the various segments of Mexican society” he accuses.

In addition, he added, the Competition Commission must be given higher powers to measure the impact on the levels of welfare suffered by Mexicans to strengthen a joint action in the design of policies that ensure access to goods and services with fair prices.

Mexico is dangerously on the edge. Every day becomes more explicit where AMLO wants to go.


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Dan Roley December 16, 2020 - 8:22 pm

Defund All Mexican Law Enforcement
check the Results.


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