MEX-COVID19 Daily Briefing in English

James is a professional interpreter and translator based out of Mexico City.

For the past month or so, James has led a team of interpreters that have been simultaneously translating the Mexico’s Ministry of Health’s Covid19 Daily Conferences (7 – 8pm) into English.

James and his team started this project as a community service for the expatriates who live in Mexico and only speak English, so they can remain informed of the current health situation.

They go live everyday at 7pm and simultaneously translate the full content of the one-hour conference into English. All the sessions are recorded and can be accessed later at any time. 

They’ve had a good response from the community, but there are still many people out there who could benefit from this free service.

That is why The Yucatan Times wants to spread the word and let our readers know about this tremendously useful free service for the benefit of the Ex-pat community in all of Mexico. 

This is their Youtube channel:

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