Merida man lives three days with his dead friend on a hammock

Merida Yucatan; (March 27, 2020) .- A man of approximately 50 years of age was found dead and in an advanced state of decomposition in a house on Calle 71 (between 80 and 82), in downtown Mérida.

The subject, who had died in his hammock at least three days before, lived in the house with another older adult who, like him, was engaged in garbage collection, and spent all that time with the corpse.

To the surprise of the agents, the corpse was in the hammock in a state of putrefaction, so they evicted the man and cordoned off the area awaiting the staff of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and Forensic Medical Service.

Inhabitants of the area said that, since Sunday, they only saw one of their neighbors coming out the door, so when they felt the foul smell they decided to report it to the police so that they could investigate inside the property.

It was reported that the other man is a person with a mental disability, so he does not have a notion of time and was placed in the custody of the state authorities, who stated that the man will be taken to an institution for the mentally ill.



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