Mérida City Hall has launched “Stay Home” campaign using drones

As part of the campaign to create awareness among citizens that they should stay home, in the face of the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, causing Covid-19 disease, drone flybys continue in Mérida.

Three overflights ae carried out every day from eight in the morning to one in the afternoon.

The drones fly over Paseo de Montejo, the Villas la Hacienda avenue, and the Lucas de Gálvez and San Benito markets.

One of the devices can even measure the temperature of people when they are nearby and it also performs peripheral functions, emitting “Stay at Home” messages through speakers.

The other two drones hold signs with the same message: “Stay at Home”, written in Spanish, English and Mayan, the latter sign being used mainly in rural communities.

The service hired by the Merida City Council is provided by the DJI Mérida company.

The Yucatan Times