Meet the 777X, the new flagship Boeing hopes will be its redemption

The second of Boeing’s history-making newest plane just took to the skies. 

The Boeing 777X became the newest aircraft to grace the skies above Washington state in January when the experimental aircraft lifted off from Paine Field in Everett following a day of delays due to weather. After three months of test flights with one aircraft, the second 777X took flight on April 30, marking a new milestone in the program.

The 777X is the first next-generation variant of Boeing’s popular 777 product line, which first flew in the 1990s and currently sees service with the world’s leading airlines. Equipped with new engines developed by General Electric and a longer pair of wings, the aircraft aims to carry more passengers while operating more efficiently than its predecessor aircraft, effectively replacing the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. 

When it first took flight in January, the aircraft became the largest twin-engine jet aircraft to ever fly. Though a milestone aircraft for Boeing, its initial debut last year was hampered by the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 and the subsequent worldwide grounding of the plane due to issues with the aircraft’s software stemming from its development.

Take a look at the plane Boeing hopes will be its redemption.  

Boeing’s 777 became popular in the mid-90s as the next step up from its 767. Large twin-engine aircraft were gaining popularity due to their efficiency and changing attitudes toward their safety.

A Boeing 777-200 test aircraft.
A Boeing 777-200 test aircraft.

Fast-forward to more recent days: Boeing looked back to its famous 777 to see if it could be improved using technology from its latest widebody, the smaller 787 Dreamliner.


Source: Boeing

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