Man arrested selling whiskey by the bottle in downtown Merida


In the middle of the “dry law” caused by the pandemic, agents of the Municipal Police arrested a man who was selling bottles of whiskey at broad daylight, outside the bus terminal in downtown Merida.

The man was found in possession of 45 bottles of whiskey, that he was intending to sell.


The “Ley Seca” or alcoholic beverages ban in Yucatan has been questionable for many and unjustifiable for others, but the fact is that several weeks have passed without beer, wines and spirits available for sale, and the people of the “Blanca Mérida” and other corners of the state can’t get used to live their everday life, with no access to intoxicating drinks.


The apprehension was achieved with the support of a K-9 agent, who detected the liquor stored in two suitcases just as the seller and his client were carrying out the transaction, right outside the bus station.

The police detained the seller, but not the alleged buyer, as his car was inspected by the dog, but nothing illegl was found, so they let him go.