Kekén plant engulfed in flames

Via: Diario de Yucatan

On SundayMay 3rd, a fire was reported at the Kekén pork meat processing plant located near the Sahé community, at kilometer 9 of the Merida-Cancun highway, no injuries were reported.

Locals say that since 8 a.m. they began to see black smoke coming out of the place and immediately notified the authorities. Six water pipes arrived to try to put out the fire, as well as private ambulances.

Keken employees kept people and the media away from the premises, and a group of workers who were arriving to work were prevented from entering the premises.

Rodrigo Cejudo Valencia, manager of institutional relations of Kekén, reported that the fire apparently originated in an engine in the area of regular cuts, where the meat is processed, and it spread quickly to other parts of the packaging process area.

He admitted that unquantifiable losses are expected, as all operational areas would have been consumed by the flames.

Fortunately, there are no reports of casualties

Although rumors circulated at the site that a security guard was trapped in the fire, he indicated that there are no reports of casualties, since the inspection conducted by authorities confirmed that all employees were outside the work areas at the time the fire took place.

It should be noted that employees tried to put out the flames, but were unable to do so.