International Reserves reach a high level – BANXICO.

Reserves rose to 186.922 billion dollars, the highest amount during the first 15 and a half months of the current administration.

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) announced that its international reserves had a surprising rise by reaching a maximum level during the current administration.

Banxico reported that the increase in federal reserves rose to 186,922 billion dollars, which allowed it to overcome the slight decline of the previous week. Hence, they are again at their highest level.

Through the Weekly Statement of Account, Banxico indicated that last week, Mexico’s international reserves registered a growth of 279 million.

The institution noted that the variation in the international reserve was the result obtained by the sale of Pemex dollars to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) for an amount of 300 million dollars and a reduction of 21 million dollars, which was due primarily to change in the valuation of international assets of the Central Institute.

Banxico says that although reserves are doing well, in 2015, they reached a historical record.

International Reserves in Mexico add up to positive numbers.
According to the Bank of Mexico’s indicators, however, the amount is not exactly the highest in the country’s history. During the corresponding period from June 27, 2014, to July 31, 2015, when the reserves reached more than 190 billion dollars. Likewise, by January 30 of that year, international reserves were able to reach a historic record of $196.10 billion.