Fatal Sunday in Yucatan: six deaths and 55 infections in one day

On Sunday, May 3rd, Yucatan experienced the most deadly day so far during the pandemic, and with the highest number of daily infections since the arrival of Covid-19 in the state.

The state Health authorities reported that six people died in the state due to the virus, to reach 47 in total. The highest number of deaths in a single day.

Ciudad Caucel, Las Américas and the North Zone of the Yucatecan capital are the areas where there is a higher incidence of positive cases.

On Friday, May 1, of the 41 new infections reported, 25 were located in Mérida, three in Maxcanú, two in Halachó and Kanasín, respectively, as well as one case in each of the following municipalities: Abalá, Baca, Hunucmá, Peto, Progreso, Sanahcat, Temozón, Ticul and Tixpéhual.

The Yucatan Times