Expansion works carried out at the Xoclán Cemetery for possible increase in deaths due to COVID-19

Workers hired by the the Mérida municipal government have been building new sections of vaults, as part of the expansion works inside the Xoclán cemetery, located to the west of Mérida.

These construction works are carried out in the southern part of the cemetery, where more than 15 people work with a truck and a skid steer loader.

This pantheon located on Juan Pablo II avenue on 126 street of the Xoclán Carmelitas neighborhood, has now 20 new structures that group 20 vaults each, however, it is observed that the construction works are far from over.

The workers onsite refused to provide any information on the construction works carried out at the rear part of the cemetery, they just said that since the start of the Coronavirus contingency, the pantheon has been closed for visits and the offices only carry out burial and exhumation procedures by appointment.

According to data provided by the Yucatan Health Secretariat, as of Monday, May 18, 1,644 positive cases of Covid 19 had been detected in the state, of which 110 have died.

On the other hand, the statistics on the federal government website, updated until Monday May 18th, places the Mérida municipality at the top of the list of deaths from Coronavirus in the state, with 38 so far.