Espita mayor sends street vendors home after buying all their merchandise

ESPITA, YUCATAN (May 3, 2020) .- Espita mayor Josué Castillo bought the entire stock of street vendors in that town, and sent them back to their homes, and asked them to protect themselves from the Covid-19.

Some of these people are senior citizens who live day by day, and are exposed to the virus as they work touring small towns and selling their products on public roads.

Espita is located 165 kilometers (103 miles) east of Mérida (INEGI)

It should be noted that these people will be able to continue selling their products from their homes.

To prevent them from going out on the streets again, the mayor offered to buy what they produce in their patios and backyards, in order to use these supplies to prepare food in municipal kitchens and give it away to people in vulnerable situations.

All this arises as part of the measures taken to protect the people of Yucatan.

The Espita municipal president reported that a campaign will be launched to sanitize the market, parks, public spaces and areas where these vendors, commonly work.

“We cannot prohibit them from working, on the contrary we must find a way to help our people,” said Josué Castillo. “We will continue fighting the virus to overcome this situation, our goal is that there are no more infections and that the economy of our people is not affected any further,” Espita mayor Josué Castillo concluded.

The Yucatan Times