“Dry law” until May 30 and confinement until June 30, is being considered.

The state government, says they are “analyzing” the “dry law” provision that has been inforced in Yucatán for more than a month.

MERIDA Yucatán – Sources close to the government told The Yucatan Times there is a high possibility of extending the dry law for at least 15 more days, that is, until May 30 and confinement until June 30, is being considered.

As we have reported, the state government decided to extend the “dry law” period, which it decreed last April, ending on Friday, May 15. Still, everything seems to indicate that the period will be extended. Similarly, it has been reported that since Yucatan is one of the states with the highest number of infections, the quarantine and confinement could be extended until June 30, that is, at least 45 days longer than initially established.

Dry law and crime.
As a result of the “dry law”, in recent times, there have been thefts from beer sales agencies, arrests of people who have tried to introduce alcoholic beverages, as well as their illegal sale in various parts of the state. Like other cases related to alcohol, we have published the deaths of at least seven people in Acanceh for consuming tainted alcohol.

It is no secret that alcohol continues to be sold clandestinely throughout the state of Yucatan, and since these drinks are becoming increasingly scarce, prices have reached stratospheric figures. The most significant danger is that home-made distilled beverages are beginning to circulate, even clandestinely, which means low-quality alcohol that can lead to poisoning, blindness, and even death.

Yucatán is one of the few states in the country where the “dry law” is applied, due to the health contingency. In our neighboring state of Quintana Roo, it is not prohibited, that is why beer and alcohol arrive from there to be sold here clandestinely and at up to four times the average market price.
The Yucatan Times contacted the governor’s office to request information about the “dry law”. The response was, “It’s being looked into”.