Collective paranoia in the town of Muna, Yucatan due to COVID-19

MUNA, YUCATAN (May 5, 2020) .- Fear of the coronavirus continues to generate paranoia among the people of Yucatan. The closure of communities and the rejection of foreigners, even if they are residents are common facts taking place all over the state.

And in the southern municipality of Muna, things seem to go a bit further, as the inhabitants threatened to set fire to the homes of people who are diagnosed with Covid-19.

However, the municipal president, Rubén Carrillo Sosa, spoke of this threat in a message that he broadcast on his Facebook account, and denied that such an action could take place in Muna.

The mayor confirmed a case of Covid-19 in the community: an 80-year-old woman who died from coronavirus just a few days ago.

Muna municipal president, Rubén Carrillo Sosa (Photo: Facebook)

“There are people who are threatening that they are going to burn houses, but that is not going to happen, anyone can get sick, not only in Muna but anywhere else in Yucatan, and burning a house is not going to save anyone’s life, I have had reports of people walking around town shouting that they will burn the house of anybocy getting sick, and we will no longer accept that, ”said Carrillo Sosa.

The mayor called on the population to go to the doctor if they have any of the symptoms of coronavirus, and don’t be afraid, “because nothing is going to happen to them.”

Muna is located 67 kilometers (42 miles) south of Merida (INEGI)

Carrillo Sosa said that as more people comply with the provisions of staying at home and keeping a healthy distance, the spread of the pandemic in the southern municipality will soon stop and things will get back to normal.

The Yucatan Times