City Hall delivers two ambulances as a donation to the Mexican Red Cross

MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN (May 19, 2020).- With special thanks and recognition of the humanitarian work he does for the benefit of the community, Mayor Renán Barrera Concha delivered to the Mexican Red Cross, Merida delegation, a donation of $ 850,000 pesos as part of the Annual Collection 2020, carried out every year by the patronage.

Accompanied by Michelle Byrne de Rodríguez, National Counselor and State Delegate of the Mexican Red Cross in Yucatan, as well as Susy Pasos Alpuche, director of the DIF Mérida, the mayor appreciated the altruistic work carried out every day by those who make up that well-known and honorable institution.

“It is always very pleasant to contribute to the Mexican Red Cross and even more now that the world is facing a pandemic and thousands of people, anonymous heroes do their utmost to guarantee immediate attention and safeguard the lives of many human beings “—expressed the mayor.

At the event, which took place at the Municipal Palace, Barrera Concha delivered two fully equipped ambulances as part of the donation, which will be vital for the institution to continue with their important labor.

It should be noted that the total cost of the acquisition and equipment of these vehicles is $ 1,700,000 pesos, of which the Merida City Council contributed $ 850,000 while the rest of the amount was given by Fundación Monte de Piedad, and the companies Trevon, Lodemo and Distribuidora Mayorista de Tornillos (DMT).

The ambulances delivered are Nissan model NV 2020, and each one is equipped with a multi-position stretcher, 1 long rigid board, 1 half-length board, first-contact kit, baumanometers, stethoscopes, caliper kit with tray, oxygen tanks , moldable splints, collar kits, 4 half splint kits, and extraction vests.