China records 85 million domestic tourist trips in three days

BEIJING — China residents are flocking to tourist sites, many newly reopened, during a five-day holiday that runs through Tuesday May 5th.

Nearly 1.7 million people visited Beijing parks on the first two days of the holiday, and Shanghai’s main tourist spots welcomed more than a million visitors, according to Chinese media reports.

The surge comes after a relaxation of domestic travel restrictions as the coronavirus outbreak slows in mainland China and the government tries to reboot the economy. China reported just three new cases in the last two days.

The number of people traveling and visiting sites remains lower than an average year. Many sites are requiring advance reservations and limiting the number of daily visitors to 30% of capacity or less. Popular destinations such as the Forbidden City, the ancient imperial palace in Beijing, are sold out.

China registered about 85 million national tourist trips in the first three of the five days of May Day vacation, which began on May 1, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said Sunday.

Tourism revenue totaled 35.06 billion yuan ($ 4.97 billion) from May 1 to 3, the ministry said.

On Sunday alone, domestic tourists made 30.94 million trips across the country, generating total tourism revenue of 12.43 billion yuan ($ 1.78 billion), the ministry said.

Source: Xinhua